We’ve run into a problem with your Office 365 subscription

Today I had an issue with a laptop and a new user. The office 365 software was already installed from the previous user so when I logged into a new profile I just signed them into the office 365 account and accepted the agreement. Well I then received the error “We’ve run into a problem with your Office 365 subscription” After trying several option including reinstalling the software I still had the error every time I launched any office program.

The solution was to run the OSPP.vbs script located in the Office installation folder. Running the script with the /unpkey parameter removes the existing license and forces the user/client to re-register.

This is how

Open an elevated command prompt on the affected computer
Go to the folder “c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16” (note the office16 folder will change for earlier versions of office)
Type : cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus

You should get something like:
PRODUCT ID: 22238-22290-42232-34472
SKU ID: dfgr5wesfgfsd-9564-4adc-8fcb-fdgertwqf
LICENSE NAME: Office 16, Office16ProPlusR_Retail edition
Last 5 characters of installed product key:

We’ve run into a problem with your Office 365 subscription

You’re looking for the last 5 characters of the installed product key. Find that key and enter this line: cscript ospp.vbs” /unpkey:3GPQV (use your key)

That All..  NGCCI